ERP Konverents has long-standing experience in organizing events and conferences. Our expertise enables us to arrange not only regular meetings but to add an artistic value to everything that we undertake to organize. Aside from the professional and scientific meetings, we are happy to help you with charity events.

We believe that personal touch is of vital importance in organizing tailor-made meetings. We do have a team of skilled personnel who can do anything from the bid to the final bits and details on your convention. Successfully applying for grants is included in the list. Our destination service is innovative and with an artistic approach while taking into consideration each and every client’s individuality. We are based in Tallinn but our reliable partners are present on all continents. Our special focus, though, is in Eastern Europe.

ERP Konverents has managed to attract the biggest European convention ever held in Estonia to choose Tallinn as its location for 2012. It is a big honour to Estonia and to us that EBCOG 2012 had its home in Tallinn Nokia Concert House, in May 2012. Some of our other conferences also include NSPC&NNGCP2015, NCPC2017NCPC2019, and despite all hardships, NCPC2021.

Feel free to contact us for further information.