Our team has nearly ten years of experience in assisting musicians, orchestras and concert agencies with tour planning and international transportation. Feel free to ask us about competitive offers of specially chartered flights, air tickets, hotels, visas or tailor made tour management. In order to perform musicians often spend one third or even more of their time on board airplanes, trains or at the hotels. We know how tiresome it can be and we know how to make the process of travel as comfortable and least time consuming as possible. ERP team’s combined travel experience covers pretty much the whole of our planet.

The two key persons – Peeter Vähi and Tiina Jokinen – are known for their unbelievable expeditions that they undertake every now and then together with similar-minded group of friends and supporters (see our blogs).

All of our team members have traveled the world and done that in all possible ways: from first class flights to biking, from top luxury hotels to sleeping bags under the open sky. There is virtually no experience that we have not tried out ourselves. The hotels that we recommend are hand-picked by us personally. The airlines we recommend have won our trust. We know that traveling is not only pleasure but also and, mostly, hard work. We will help you make it easier. Our expertise does not end in flights, hotels, visas and guides – we can help you solve your logistical problems for cargo as well. Should you require a chartered aircraft, ask us for an offer.

We are ready to extend our wide expertise of concert tour planning to your service.

We’ve conducted long and complex travel projects like Silk Road Tour 2007Arctica-Antarctica 2010African RoundSiberia-Mongolia etc. No Canary islands here, we are willing to take it to the extreme, if needed!


Mailing address: Estonia Avenue 4, Tallinn 10148, Estonia

Tiina Jokinen, executive director (+372) 50 93766 tiina.jokinen@erpmusic.com
Kadri Kiis, financial director (+372) 56 55656 kadri.kiis@erpmusic.com
Olavi Sööt, travel agent, logistics (+372) 56 59767 olavi@erpmusic.com
Mehis Kivilo, key accounts manager mehis.kivilo@erpmusic.com