ERP was founded in 2001 taking over its founder and Artistic Director Peeter Vähi’s more than 10 years of free-lance experience in the field of record production. Ever since then, the company has considered recording and releasing classical music on CDs, DVDs, LPs, Super Audio CDs, and over internet one of its missions.

Composer Peeter Vähi has been Artistic Director of two music festivals: Glasperlenspiel dedicated to classical music and Orient concentrating on Eastern classical, sacred and ethnic music. Both festivals have found their home under the roof of ERP.
The other founding partner Tiina Jokinen brought with her experience in arranging travel, including very complicated logistical solutions, as well as organizing events from small private meetings of specialists’ societies to big international congresses, activities which have given rise to a special division in ERP.

The logical continuation of crossing those fields of expertise has been the establishing of artist management as an independent branch in the company.

By today, ERP unites a team of professionals that share not only common goals in work but also ideals and philosophy.

Peeter Vähi composer, artistic director
Tiina Jokinen managing director (+372) 50 93766
Kadri Kiis producer (Glasperlenspiel Festival), accountant (+372) 56 55656 Skype:
Olavi Sööt logistics (festivals Orient and Glasperlenspiel, CDs, tours) (+372) 56 59767
Mart Kivisild designer
Tanel Klesment sound engineer, Erpmusic Live
Meeta Morozov musicologist, texts editor (+372) 56 624509
Johannes Vähi IT, live streaming, music productions (+372) 56 897257
Reno Hekkonens PR, marketing (festivals) (+372) 56 602325
Kaidi Ugandi manager (Glasprelenspiel Sinfonietta) (+372) 56 606156
Eva-Maria Eensalu travel agent (+372) 51 12123
Mehis Kivilo key accounts (+372) 58 602628 Skype: