Orient 2015: Conference of Ethnology: Asian and African cultures

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November 28, 2014
Orient 2015: Etnoloogia konverents: Aasia ja Aafrika Kultuurid
March 15, 2015


Festival ORIENT
Conference of Ethnology:
Asian and African cultures

May 25th Kadriorg Palace
Patron of the conference −
Dr. Ingrid Rüütel,
the First Lady of Estonia 2001−2006


12 (noon) − 1 pm Opening of the festival and registration of conference delegates

1–1.30 pm “Ancient Empires of Africa” − Tiina Jokinen (Estonia)

1.40–2.20 pm “Great Zimbabwe and Shona People’s Culture and Traditions” − Peter Phiri (Zimbabwe)

2.30–3.30 pm “The Taarab Song Tradition as part of Taarab Music in Zanzibar”

Prof Mitchel Strumpf (Zanzibar / Tanzania), Samir Ally Salim (vocal, quanun / Zanzibar / Tanzania)

3.40–4.20 pm “Khakassian Culture and Traditional Music” − Kuchen Ayharkh Sayn (Khakassia)

4.30–5.30 pm “Tibetan Buddhist musical instruments” − Lama Sangyas (Ladakh / India)

6.30 pm First screening of concert film The Way Home at cinema Artis (Solaris Centre, Estonia Avenue 9), followed by reception and afterparty at the Latvian embassy

More info about the conference and the film: Planet Hugill − A world of classical music

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Additional info: Wikipedia in English and Estonian

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Special thanks: EAS, Alar Metsson, Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia, HE Gary K. Y. Ko, Gustavo Chu, Eesti Kontsert, Madis Kolk, Urmas Paet, Peter Phiri, Valdo Helmelaid, Hedi Palipea, Meliisa Marianne Palipea

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