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December 26, 2011
Orient 2015: IDD AZIZ TRIO (Keenia) (In Estonian)
March 15, 2015


Festival ORIENT


Wed, May 27th at 7 pm
Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace), Tallinn

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ShirinSengupta300Shirin Sengupta is one of the youngest “A” Grade Indian classical vocalists from Kolkata, having performed in major music festivals and venues in more than 20 countries around the world since the year 2000. She is the winner of President’s Award from the Government of India, Jadu Bhatta Memorial Award, Ami Khan Memorial Award and National Scholarship by the Ministry of Culture to name just a few and an Ex “A” Grade Scholar of ITC Sangeet Research academy, Kolkata.She has graduated from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

Right now Shirin is the President of Monomanjari Institute of Performing Arts and Research, an international institute in Kolkata. Shirin has more than 20 CD & DVD releases from around the world and is an artist with ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs, Goverment of India.

Shirin’s inherent talent and skill, substantiated by immaculately adhering to the rich and intricate guidelines, bestowed upon her by her reverend gurus right from her infancy till now, have all definitely helped her to gradually develop and achieve her own style and individuality, which can only be termed unique.

Pandit Ranajit Sengupta, though too young to be called a legend, occupies a very respectable place in the hearts of the followers of Indian music and string instruments throughout the world.

PanditRanajitSenguptaFrom his adolescence, Ranajit, a child prodigy initially with mandoline but later after rigourous training and practicing in sarod under his teachers late Ustad Dhyanesh Khan and Ustad Aashish Khan of Maihar gharana, established himself as one of the best musician of his generation.

He is one of the youngest Top Grade Sarod-player from All India Radio & Television and a winner of countless other awards. He has performed in many major music festivals and venues in more than 30 countries including the USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Greece, England, Scotland, Estonia, Russia, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Syria and Caribbean Islands to name a few. He has over 30 CD and DVD releases from around the world.

Ranajit is currently the principal composer and guest conductor for the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music in England.

Program: Rāga Bihag, Rāga Bhoopali, Rāga Jog

player Ranajit Sengupta, fragm, 1 min 26 sec, mp3

Dowload photo of Pandit Ranajit Sengupta (photo by Supriyo Mitra, jpg, RGB, 300 dpi, 5.1 MB)

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Additional info: Wikipedia in English and Estonian

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Special thanks: EAS, Alar Metsson, Urmas Paet, Kaire Jürgenson, Valdo Helmelaid, Hedi Palipea, Meliisa Marianne Palipea

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