Messe de… Carmina Burana
June 18, 2020
Aberdene 1662
September 10, 2020

Ludwig van Beethoven / Peeter Vähi

Released on July 10th, 2020. Presentation on July 10th at 7 pm in Tartu St John’s church,  and on July 16th at 7 pm in Kuressaare St Laurence church.

Beethoven / Vähi, Hommage à brillance de Lune, fragment, 4 min 58 sec, MP3, 320 Kbps

Andres Mustonen – violin, artistic director
Ivo Sillamaa – piano
Valter Jürgenson – trombone
Taavo Remmel – double bass

Total time 10:46
Liner notes in Estonian, English and Russian

℗ 2020 Hortus Musicus, Eesti Kontsert
© 2020 Hortus Musicus, ERP (Tallinn)
ERP 11920

Recorded on May 20th, 2020 in Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn
Engineered and mastered by Siim Mäesalu
Booklet edited by Meeta Morozov and Tiina Jokinen
Photo La brillance de la Lune by Peeter Vähi
Front cover artwork by Anna Litvinova
Design by Mart Kivisild

Nur ein reines Herz kann eine gute Suppe kochen. (L. van Beethoven)

October 3rd, 2019, just half an hour before midnight the composer’s mobile rings – Andres Mustonen calling. “Peeter, a man with whom you and I have shared the spiritual world, Giya, has left this world… I know that sometimes you are capable of composing a shorter piece in just a few hours and this is the case now – the day after tomorrow Hortus will hold memorial concerts in Arvo Pärt Centre and the Dome Church with the rehearsal already tomorrow (!) at 2 pm. The staff would be violin, piano or organ, trombone and double bass. Erkki-Sven (Tüür – editor’s note) also promised to write a few-­minutes piece.”
“Let’s light the candle and lower our heads… But, sorry, Andres, I will not be able to create something new for tomorrow. However, as the next year will be Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, I have been thinking about a work for oboe and organ on the theme from his Moonlight Sonata. I could maybe complete this to commemorate our Georgian friend. I will take a couple of hours tonight to adapt this half­baked idea for Hortus Musicus.”
The new day saw the composer entering the rehearsal room of Hortus Musicus with a bunch of parts and a score still warm from the printer. A day later, the music inspired by Beethoven was performed in commemoration of Giya Kancheli at three concerts in Arvo Pärt Centre and Tallinn Dome Church. By today, Hommage à brillance de Lune has sounded by various performers and staffs including oboe and organ or violin, piano and symphony orchestra at multiple places, but this recording presents it exactly the way it was premiered.

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The full score and parts for oboe and organ are available from edition 49 (Germany), the full score and parts for violin, trombone, organ and double bass available from ERP, Estonia.

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