The Call of the Stars
The Call of the Stars
March 11, 2012
Pure Handel
Pure Handel
September 19, 2012


“Music has to be made with clean hands.” (Igor Bezrodny). Triple-CD, archive recordings. Released in November 2012.

CD I: Violin concertos

1 Karol Szymanowski Violin Concerto No 1, Op 35* 21:44
2–4 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Violin Concerto No 1 in D minor* 25:09
5–7 Lydia Auster Lyrical Concertino (Summer in Käsmu), Op 25* 11:38

CD II: Violin sonatas

1–3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata in F major for Violin and Piano, KV 376 19:14
4–8 Sergei Prokofiev Five Melodies for Violin and Piano, Op 35bis 12:15
9–12 César Franck Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano 28:51

CD III: Pieces for violin

1 Igor Stravinsky Supplication for the Firebird (from Firebird Suite No 1)* 5:03
2–9 Dmitri Shostakovich Preludes, Op 34 10:26
10 Niccolò Paganini – Karol Szymanowski Caprice No 21 2:46
11 Lepo Sumera Improvisation 4:15
12–13 Lepo Sumera 2 Pieces for Solo Violin 4:37
14 Benedykt Konowalski Music for Solo Violin and Percussion* 12:37
15 Karol Szymanowski The Fountain of Arethusa (from Myths), Op 30, No 1* 5:47
16–17 Karol Szymanowski Nocturne & Tarantella, Op 28* 9:52

CD I, #6, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Violin Concerto No 1, Mov III, fragm, 3 min 56 sec, mp3, 160 Kbps

CD III, #1, Stravinsky, Supplication for the Firebird, fragm, 3 min 14 sec, mp3, 160 Kbps

MariTampereBezrodny455Performed by Mari Tampere-Bezrodny, violin (CD I–III), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (CD I), conductors Igor Bezrodny (CD I, #1), Jüri Alperten (CD I, #2–4) and Roman Matsov (CD I, #5–7), pianists Bruno Lukk (CD II), Riina Gerretz (CD III, #2–10) and Ivo Sillamaa (CD III, # 1, 11, 15–17); percussion quintet Rein Roos – Terje Terasmaa – Rein Tiido – Rein Saue – Andrus Vaht (CD III, #14)

Archive recordings 1974−1985
Recorded in Estonia Concert Hall
* Live recordings
Archive recordings licensed by Estonian Public Broadcasting
Restored by Marika Scheer
Mastered by Enno Mäemets / Editroom, Finland
Liner notes by Inna Kivi
Translations by Tiina Jokinen
Photos by Kaupo Kikkas and private archives
Produced by Peeter Vähi

© 2012 Estonian Record Productions, Tallinn
ERP 5512

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny

The current album sums up Mari Tampere-Bezrodny’s career as violinist which undoubtedly has been influenced and coloured by her long-time marriage and collaboration with one of the most outstanding violinist, conductor and teacher of the 20th century, Igor Bezrodny. His famous principle that all art including music has to be made with honest and noble aim, discarding all personal ambitions and materialistic considerations, has been duly followed by Mari Tampere-Bezrodny as an artist and teacher.
Coming from a family of many generations of musicians, the Mother Aime Tampere being an organist and her Grandmother Jenny Siimon a classical singer (mezzo-soprano) as well as professor of Tallinn Conservatory, Mari had close encounters with music at a very early age. Her concert career took off already during the days of Tallinn Music High School when, among other performances, she was participating in a solo concert of her Grandmother at the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory. After graduating from Ivi Tivik’s class at the Music High School, she was recommended by a renowned Russian composer Nikolai Rakov to continue her studies as a student of Igor Bezrodny at the Moscow Conservatory during the years 1970–1977.
“Those were wonderful times, totally different from the present. We were sitting days long in Bezrodny’s class listening to his lessons before and after our own performances”, reminisces Mari Tampere. “We were all very different. As a former student of Abram Yampolsky, Bezrodny followed his great teacher’s example – groomed and developed each and everybody’s distinctive qualities. His class in Moscow at that time was the most international one and it was not a conveyor belt for producing competition winners.” Despite that, Mari Tampere won the Estonian String Competition in 1975.
The Moscow-years laid foundation to Mari Tampere’s future life and career as violinist. After graduation, in 1977, she started working as senior lecturer at the present-day Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre where since 1996, she holds the post of Professor. In 1978, she married Igor Bezrodny and for many years she was not only his wife but also his closest colleague and assistant. Together they taught and trained young violinists at Sibelius Academy as well as in Moscow Conservatory and among others gave a strong start to the violinist career of their daughter Anna-Liisa Bezrodny. They have always been adhering to the principle that a talented student needs individual approach and a talented teacher. They made their permanent home in a small town of Espoo, 15 kilometres from Helsinki.
“There are many great experts on violin playing but much less great musicians. I have had the luck to know and work with several of them”, says Mari Tampere-Bezrodny.
Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has performed in more than 30 countries as soloist, alone or with renowned orchestras under the baton of Igor Bezrodny, Eri Klas, Juozas Domarkas, Mstislav Rostropovich, Peeter Lilje, Roman Matsov, Leonid Grin et al. as well as participated in numerous festivals together with musicians like Liana Issakadze, Dmitri Sitkovetsky, Erkki Rautio et al. Her long-time stage partners have been pianists Bruno Lukk, Ivari Ilja, Risto Lauriala, Aleksandra Juozapénaité-Eesmaa, Riina Gerretz and cellist Peeter Paemurru.

MariTampereBrunoLukk IgorBezrodnyMariTampere350

Her collaboration with Bruno Lukk, one of the most outstanding Estonian pianists and the founder of the Estonian piano school, lasted more than 10 years. Not everyone has been lucky to work and perform with the Grand Old Man of Estonian piano music.
Our concepts co-incided without any preliminary discussion and agreement. We practically did not speak, the whole work was done while playing and our mutual understanding grew in music. This process in itself was proof of the perceptible but wordless essence of music, reminisces Mari Tampere-Bezrodny.
In the course of long years, she has palyed chamber music in various ensembles ranging from duos to chamber orchestra. Besides the violin, Mari Tampere-Bezrodny plays also the piano and the harpsichord. A couple of times I have had to play percussions as well, she reminisces about her eventful life beside her conductor-husband. The profound knowledge about chamber music and interpretation gathered through all the years makes her a superb artistic director and conductor of chamber orchestra. Recently, Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has been closely collaborating with Tallinn Chamber Music Festival being the conductor of the chamber orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music. She has also worked with youth symphony and chamber orchestras in Spain.
Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has premiered a number of works by Estonian and Russian composers (Jaan Rääts, Nikolai Rakov, Lepo Sumera, René Eespere et al.) in and outside Estonia. In addition, she has several Estonian premières to her credit like Szymanowski’s 1st, Schumann’s and Mendelssohn’s violin concertos, Mozart’s Concertone (together with Igor Bezrodny) and Triple Concerto (together with cellist Valentin Feigin and violist Fyodor Druzhinin) as well as works by Polish and Norwegian composers. She has recorded music for Estonian and Russian Radios.
For more than 30 years she has been conducting master classes in different countries like Spain, the UK, Israel, Italy, the USA, the Scandinavian countries, France, China, Japan et al. and been appointed member of jury at a great number of international competitions.
Currently, Mari Tampere-Bezrodny teaches violin at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as well as at Sibelius Academy. Over 120 violinists have taken extensive courses under her supervision, many of them becoming winners of international competitions and later working as concert masters or violinists in the world’s renowned orchestras. Several of them have started their own teaching careers.

Download: Mari Tampere-Bezrodny (photo by Kaupo Kikkas, colour, jpg, 300 dpi, RGB, 3 MB); Mari Tampere-Bezrodny (photo by Kaupo Kikkas, black-and-white, jpg, 300 dpi, 3.6 MB)

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