Vivaldi senza basso
Vivaldi senza basso
October 12, 2012
The Best of Arsis Bells
The Best of Arsis Bells
November 26, 2013

Music for / with guitar

It is as if the motives left open in the music of René Eespere beg the question: who am I in the midst of this mortal world? And this is his way to uncompromisingly represent the ethical art of the past.
Estonian Music Award 2014: nominee for Best Classical Album.


1  The Morning of Sculpture for violin, vibraphone and guitar (2001) 7:05
2  Evocatio for guitar (1996) 7:17
3  Respectus for violin and guitar (2013) 7:38
4  Immutatio for guitar (2004) 10:27
5  Tres in unum for flute, violin and guitar (2004) 7:43
6  Tactus sensus for guitar (2011) 5:57
7  Ludus tactus for flute and guitar (2008/2009) 6:25
8  Tactus spiritus for guitar (2012) 9:14
9  Epigram VI for soprano, flute and guitar (2005) 4:52
10  The Empty Room VI for guitar (2013) 2:18
11  The Empty Room III for guitar (2012) 1:14
12  Matbeth for violin and guitar (2010) 7:30


1  Modus vivendi for violin and guitar (1998/2006) 7:25
2  Motus for guitar (2002) 5:00
3  Trivium for flute, violin and guitar (1991) 12:53
4  Staminis for guitar (2000) 12:21
5  Ante diem for two guitars (2013) 7:22
6  The Empty Room I for guitar (2012) 2:25
7  The Empty Room V for guitar (2012) 1:12
8  The Empty Room IV for guitar (2012) 2:20
9  Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra: I Tres clavi in crucem (2003 / 2007) 11:07
10  Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra: II Visionis (2007) 12:36

player A#2, Evocatio, fragm, 3 min 11 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps
player B#9, Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra, Movement I Tres clavi in crucem, fragm, 2 min 21 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

Neeme Punder (flute / A5,9; B3)
Heili Rosin (flute / A7)
Harry Traksmann (violin / A1, 3, 5, 12; B1, 3)
Tiit Peterson (guitar / A5, 6, 9, 12; B3, 5)
Heiki Mätlik (guitar / A10, 11; B6−8)
Esteban Colucci (guitar / A3, 7, 8; B1, 2, 4)
Donato D’Antonio (guitar / B5)
Kristo Käo (guitar / A4)
Vahur Kubja (guitar / A1 ,2)
Aurelia Eespere (soprano / A9)
Anto Õnnis (vibraphone / A1)
Eleftheria Kotzia (guitar / B9, 10)
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conductor Paul Mägi (B9, 10)

Recorded and edited by: Tanel Klesment (A1, 2, 4, 6, 8−11; B1, 5−8), Maido Maadik (A3, 7, 12; B3, 9, 10), Mati Brauer (A5), Esteban Colucci (B2, 4)
Mastered by Tanel Klesment
Photo by Gert Kelu
Design by Egle Colucci
Liner notes by Esteban Colucci, Tiit Peterson, René Eespere
Produced by René Eespere

© René Eespere 2013
ERP 7313

ImagetextIt is as if the motives left open in the music of René Eespere (1953) beg the question: who am I in the midst of this mortal world? And this is his way to uncompromisingly represent the ethical art of the past.
René Eespere gained recognition in his native Estonia in the 1970s and 1980s for his vocal-symphonic opuses, works for the stage and his music for children.  The music composed in this period is characterised by deep research into human values. His later works, including his opera Gourmets (2005), draw attention to the more painful aspects of the human existence.The most significant among his instrumental works are seven concerti and chamber music.
The music of René Eespere has always had a clearly defined texture. Over time, its aesthetics have changed, from diatonic minimalism and baroque influences to the use of chromatic and linear voice-leading techniques, and a more conscientious treatment of timbre.
This is the ninth commercially released compact disc of René Eespere’s music, featuring chamber works written for guitar.

Worldwide distribution by Note 1 Music (Carl-Benz-Straße 1, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany, phone +49 6221 720351, fax +49 6221 720381,, / Naxos Global Logistics
Distribution in Estonia by Easy-Living Music,, phone +372 51 06058

“Thanks to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, thanks to Christina Jörg (Schöttli Umwelttechnik AG), special thanks to all my musicians.” (René Eespere)

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