A Legend of Estonia
December 11, 2011
December 10, 2011

Opera by Gustav Ernesaks

Double CD, archive recording from 1951. Released on December 5th, 2018, for the 110th anniversary of Gustav Ernesaks. Presentation event on December 5th at 2 pm in the White Hall of Estonian National Opera.


1 Overture 6:16
2 Introduction to Act I 1:57
3 Chorus of fishermen 2:15
4 Scene (Tank guard, Mall) 1:31
5 Duet of Mall and Tank guard 1:19
6 Storm 4:00
7 Scene (Count, servants) 0:42
8 Count’s aria 3:35
9 Scene (Count, Petrov, Leemet) 4:45
10 Leemet’s aria 3:42
11 Mall’s aria 5:23
12 Scene (village women, Leemet, Petrov) 2:15
13 Petrov’s aria 4:03
14 Duet of Mall and Leemet 1:54
15 Scene (village women, Leemet) 1:42
16 Fishermen’s song 2:26
17 Scene (Mall, fishermen) 0:17
18 Leemet’s arietta 1:10
19 Round dance 3:05
20 Scene (Haan, fishermen) 1:06
21 Finale of Act II Act finale (Leemet, fishermen) 2:55


1 Waltz 5:25
2 Scene (Kurt, ladies, cavaliers) 1:25
3 Kurt’s couplet 2:10
4 Minuet 2:23
5 Scene (Petrov, count) 0:58
6 Finale of Act III (Count, Petrov, guests) 2.59
7 Scene at the inn 2:04
8 Scene (Juhan, innkeeper, fishermen) 0:48
9 Juhan’s song 1:15
10 Recitative and song of the innkeeper 2:24
11 Dance 2:28
12 Scene (Leemet, fishermen) 1:37
13 Scene (Count, fishermen, Haan, Leemet, Petrov) 10:18
14 Mall’s arietta 3:25
15 Count’s aria 5:32
16 Scene (Haan, Count, Mall, fishermen, Leemet) 7:33
17 Finale of the opera (Mall, Leemet, fishermen) 3:23


CD I #5, Duet of Mall and Tank guard, 1 min 19 sec, mp3, 320 Kbpss

CD II #7, Scene at the inn, 2 min 4 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps


Performed by: Olga Lund, Martin Taras, Georg Taleš, Vootele Veikat, Enno Eesmaa, Aaro Pärn, Karl Ots, Jaan Johanson, Ants Aasma, Heino Otto, Theo Puks, Johannes Kepp, Estonian National Male Choir RAM, Estonian National Opera Chorus and Orchestra, conductor Kirill Raudsepp

TormideRand Kostuum1 TormideRand Kostuum2 TormideRand Kostuum3

Recorded in 1951
From the archives of ERR and Melodija
Restored by Jüri Kruus
Mastered by Marika Scheer
Photos: Armin Alla, Gunnar Vaidla, the archives of Estonian National Opera, and Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
Liner notes compiled by Jüri Kruus
Booklet edited by Liina Viru
Designed by Mart Kivisild
Produced by Peeter Vähi

Total time 1 h 51 min 35 sec
Archive recording / Mono
ERP 10418
© 2018 Estonian National Opera, Jüri Kruus, ERP (Tallinn)


TormideRand TormideRand KarlOts


TormideRand VeikatTalesThe protagonist of The Coast of Storms is a historic figure, Count Ungern-Sternberg, whose task is to take care of Kõpu lighthouse that helps ships to find their way around deathly shoreline. The Count has built a mock-lighthouse to wreck ships, and under the pretence of saving them, to rob them. On a stormy night, a ship lead by Petrov is looking for shelter. Everybody dies in shipwreck except for Petrov and his steersman Leemet, who is a former run-away slave of the Count’s. He tells Petrov of the mock-lighthouse he has spotted and decides to hold an uprising against the Count with the help of the villagers.
Leemet’s girlfriend Mall waits him on the shore. There is a ball in the manor that is disturbed by the arrival of Petrov, who announces that the light has been put out in the lighthouse, and accuses the Count in doing that. The Count manages to calm everyone down.
In the meanwhile, the villagers gather in the inn, where Leemet tells them of his adventures and the crimes of the Count. Together they decide to make the Count account for his crimes. Suddenly the Count arrives and buys everyone drinks. The villagers ask him about the lighthouse and Petrov prevents the situation from getting heated. He also refuses a bribe from the Count and demands him to stop harassing the villagers. The Count wounds Petrov lethally.
A storm rages again and the Count demands the lighting of the mock-lighthouse. Mall has discovered the location of the lighthouse. The Count orders Mall to be captured, and the villagers rush to her help, led by Leemet. They demand a harsh punishment for the murderer. The Count denies all allegations, but all facts prove against him. The Count of Ungru receives his well-deserved punishment: the hated feudal is killed by pushing him off the cliff.

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