Orient 2015: Thai traditional umbrella painting

Glasperlenspiel 2018
June 30, 2014
Orient 2015: TAI KUNINGLIK TANTS (Tai) (In Estonian)
March 15, 2015



Thai traditional umbrella painting demonstration
Sat, May 30th and Sun, May 31st from 3 to 5 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (free entrance)


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Bor Sang Umbrella (การทำร่มบ่อสร้าง) / hand made bamboo umbrella
The making of the Bor Sang umbrella has been produced for over 100 years. People in each village have been assigned to do different parts of the umbrella with their specialized skills. However, all parts of the umbrella will be assembled at Bor Sang Village including the painting process, which is a highlight of this place. The secret of making the umbrella is the use of covering material (cotton paper and umbrella frames) that makes it lasts longer.


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Additional info: Wikipedia in English and Estonian

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Special thanks: EAS, Alar Metsson, Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia, HE Gary K. Y. Ko, Gustavo Chu, Eesti Kontsert, Madis Kolk, Urmas Paet, Kaire Jürgenson, Valdo Helmelaid, Hedi Palipea, Meliisa Marianne Palipea

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