Noah’s Blade

11/07/2022 22:00

Tartu St John's Church

Golden Roots
March 11, 2022
May 9, 2022

Festival Glasperlenspiel
Mon, July 11th at 10 pm St John’s church, Tartu
Trio ’95
Brahms, Henze, Kristjan Randalu (world premiere), Krigul

Not many musicians have the experience of playing together as long as the Trio ‘95 – the members of the ensemble were only 8 years old at the time of its birth in 2003. Rasmus Andreas Raide (piano), Robert Traksmann (violin) and Marcel Johannes Kits (cello) met at the Tallinn Music High School, where they studied as classmates with Laine Leichter and later with Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann. All three musicians have completed their higher musical education in Germany (Berlin and Karlsruhe). As a trio, they have attended the masterclasses of Prof Francis Gouton and Prof Alexander Bonduryanski. As a result of this unique path of education, young artists combine qualities of domestic education with the knowledge from the best music colleges of Western Europe. Thanks to their versatile experiences, the trio’s repertoire is also diverse, giving the equal chance to shine for the known and the lesser-known pearls of the genre. The performance and wider promotion of Estonian music is very important for the trio as can be seen from the programmes presenting works by Jaan Rääts, Arvo Pärt, Erkki-Sven Tüür and others. Liisa Hõbepappel, Ülo Krigul, Rein Rannap have been commissioned to compose for the trio for Estonian Music Days 2022. At the Glasperlenspiel the new work by Kristjan Randalu will be premiered. The most notable achievements of the ensemble are 1st place in the International Chamber Music Competition Pavasario Sonata (2012), 1st prize in the International Chamber Music Competition named after Ilmari Hännikäinen in Finland (2021) and 1st place with numerous special prizes in the International Chamber Music Competition „Tallinn 2021“. One of the special prizes came from Estonian Record Productions and the Glasperlenspiel concert is also part of this special award. In addition to Estonia, the ensemble has had performances in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Finland and Lithuania. Trio ‘95 is a laureate of the Estonian Cultural Endowment 2020 annual award.

Brahm’s Glitch proceeds from the linguistic notion that music is played, music is meant for playing. ‘Glitch’ means ‘malfunction’. The piece proceeds from Johannes Brahms’ Piano Trio No 1, its musical material is as if inserted into and reproduced by an imaginary granular synthesizer. The partially preserved harmonic plan and melodic lines hint at what used to exist, and its particles are now floating around in this entirely new environment. The glitch-aesthetic used in electronic music and digital technology has been placed into a purely acoustic form. Also, by shifting the apostrophe in the original composer’s name, we can open up an entirely different horizon of meanings.

Ülo Krigul

Eesti Kultuurkapital