Old-Russian Christmas Music

09/01/2021 19:00

Palmse Manor

Enter Denter
November 13, 2020

Orthodox Singers

With the first concert of the new year in Palmse manor, the concert series Glass Bead Game in Palmse pays homage to the musical traditions of Russian Christmas, providing an excellent opportunity for the Estonian Russian community as well as for other listeners to experience the true musical pearls of Russian music culture. Beautiful Christmas songs are performed by the ensemble Orthodox Singers, which consists of professional musicians. The ensemble’s repertoire includes both early and modern Orthodox music. The ensemble’s performances are characterized by the complete immersion in every word of the scriptures, impeccable vocal technique, well thought-out dynamical plan and extraordinary sense of style. In 2020, the artistic director of Orthodox Singers, Valeri Petrov, was awarded the annual prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment for the artistic direction of the ensemble and the leadership of the Mustvee Sacred Music Festival.

Orthodox Singers, live, fragment, 3 min 50 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps