October 18, 2023
Vitamiin I–V
February 2, 2024

Johann Sebastian Bach. Sonatas. Musikalisches Opfer
Andres Mustonen, violin
Imbi Tarum, harpsichord

Released in March 2024. Presentation-concert on March 23rd in the Hall of Estonian Academy of Music.

CD 1

Sonata No 1 in B minor for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1014
1 Adagio 3:36
2 Allegro 3:13
3 Andante 3:36
4 Allegro 3:46
Sonata No 2 in A major for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1015
5 (Andante) 3:15
6 Allegro 3:20
7 Andante un poco 3:19
8 Presto 4:57
Sonata No 3 in E major for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1016
9 Adagio 4:06
10 Allegro 2:54
11 Adagio ma non tanto 4:37
12 Allegro 4:06
Sonata No 4 in C minor for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1017
13 Largo 4:32
14 Allegro 4:41
15 Adagio 3:10
16 Allegro 4:33

CD 2

Sonata No 5 in F minor for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1018
1 (Largo) 6:45
2 Allegro 4:48
3 Adagio 3:46
4 Vivace 2:42
Sonata No 6 in G major for violin and harpsichord, BWV 1019
5 Allegro 3:52
6 Largo 1:47
7 Allegro 4:58
8 Adagio 2:50
9 Allegro 3:22
The Musical Offering. A Sonata sopr’il soggetto Reale, in C minor, BWV 1079
10 Largo 3:48
11 Allegro 6:01
12 Andante 3:19
13 Allegro 3:01

CD 1, #15, Sonata No 4 in C minor, Adagio, 3 min 4 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

CD 2, #13, The Musical Offering, Allegro, fragment, 3 min, mp3, 320 Kbps

Ich bemerkte aber gar bald, daß wegen des Mangels nötiger Vorbereitung, die Ausführung nicht also geraten wollte, als ein so treffliches Thema erforderte. Ich fasste demnach den Entschluß, und machte mich sogleich anheischig, dieses recht Königliche Thema vollkommener auszuarbeiten, und sodann der Welt bekannt zu machen.

Performed by: Andres Mustonen (violin), Imbi Tarum (harpsichord), Neeme Punder (flute; CD2 #10–13), Peeter Klaas (cello; CD2 #10–13),
Recorded live 1991 in the Church of the Holy Spirit, Tallinn
Extraction of audio from analogue video tapes by Rutt Kasak
Restored and mastered by Siim Mäesalu
Artworks by Anna Litvinova
Designed by Mart Kivisild
Produced by Peeter Vähi

ERP 13924
© 2024 Andres Mustonen, ERP

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself. /…/ I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music. (Johann Sebastian Bach)

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is like a divine paradise. If, in your youth, you manage, even slightly, to open its doors, you’ll end up spending the rest of your life there – it absorbs you completely and you cannot get out any more. And, honestly, you won’t want to. (Andres Mustonen)

Once at the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Africa, we came across his historic Bach organ recordings, and debated whether the restoration was worth all the hundreds of hours of effort spent on that. Now we are ourselves trying to make the monophonic Bach recordings from the last millennium video tapes listenable and enjoyable again. (Peeter Vähi, producer)

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