From Setoland

Glasperlenspiel Festival 2024

07/07/2024 15:00

Car-free boulevard

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May 9, 2024
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May 9, 2024

Festival Glasperlenspiel
Sun, July 7th at 3 pm
“Autovabaduse” (Car-free) boulevard (free entrance, in cooperation with European Culture Capital 2024)
Ethno group Zetod

Sunday’s concert on Autovabaduse (‘Car-free’) boulevard, which has become one of Glasperlenspiel’s great traditions, will feature this year the beloved Estonian folk rock ensemble Zetod who will give listeners a fascinating insight into Setomaa (ethnographic region in Southeast Estonia) music traditions and offer a taste of a jolly Seto folk party. As an interesting coincidence, it is worth mentioning that exactly on the 7th of July, the Midsummer’s Day (of the Old Believers) according to the old calendar is celebrated in Setomaa, and the preceding Midsummer’s Eve is in turn the theme of Vox Clamantis’ concert on the festival’s previous evening. Zetod, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, started out as a youth band in 2003 in Värska (a small town in South-East Estonia), attracting attention by playing folk-rock in the spirit of their own culture. Today, Zetod has already released seven studio albums and won numerous awards. In addition to Estonia, they have introduced Seto music culture in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, the United States, France, Belgium, Poland and Russia. The members of the ensemble are Jalmar Vabarna, Matis Leima, Artur Linnus, Martin Kütt and Jaanus Viskar.

Peeter Vähi – artistic director
Tiina Jokinen – executive director
Kadri Kiis – producer, accountant
Meeta Morozov – musicologist, editor of festival booklet
AI – design
Olavi Sööt – co-producer, video, logistics
Reno Hekkonens – marketing director, PR
Johannes Vähi – co-producer, webmaster, sound engineering, logistics
Marje Hansar – social media

Special thanks: Tartu City Government, Urmas Klaas, Triin Käpp, Jana Raud, Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Canon and Overall, Toyota, St John’s church, Kaupo Kiis, Kristel Leppik, Anne-Liise Kiis, volunteers


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