10/07/2020 12:15

Tartu Jaani kirik

May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020

Yosuke Oda (percussion / Japan)

Miniconcert: duration ca 20–30 min.

Although the state of body has its limit at one point, the souls with in our bodies are undying. As long as the souls keep our memories, they will keep the connection from the past to the future.
Arayashiki is the eighth level of consciousness in Buddhist philosophy which explains how our soul exists before the body and even after the body disappears. Yosuke Oda performs a o-daiko (gigantic bass drum) solo as a memory to the people who have lost lives in our current situation and also as a prayer for our bright future.

Yosuke Oda is an energetic and intense taiko player who always pushes himself to the maximum on the stage and passionately discovers new possibilities of taiko drums. Growing up in a difficult area of Japan in less favourable conditions, Oda’s musical career began in 1999 when thanks to his teacher he entered the world-famous Kodō apprenticeship program. Oda, fascinated by the art of taiko, moved to Kodō’s home island Sado and spent several years there in the community and taiko school. The talented young man was nicknamed Wild Beast and became a full-fledged long-term member of the group (2003–2017). Currently he works as a solo artist and composer, giving concerts and workshops all over the world and encouraging others to play with all their heart and soul.

Yosuke Oda, o-daiko, live, fragment, 1 min 52 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

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